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Learning Project 1: Monitoring and Evaluation

Publicado por: • octubre 14th, 2015

The topic for the first learning project is Monitoring and Evaluation of (re)integration practice with children and young people affected by child sexual exploitation. This will build on an earlier project supported by Oak Foundation, Home: the Child Recovery and Reintegration Network , which included an element on monitoring and evaluation. This is a much needed area for practitioners working with children and adolescents affected by child sexual exploitation.

The aim of this learning project is to locally test the effectiveness and relevance of various monitoring tools in the different local contexts. Based on experiences of organisations and with input from the participation of children, families and other stakeholders, the project will share findings and recommendations that could be best implemented by different practitioners working with children affected by sexual exploitation, to be able to measure the outcomes of reintegration work with such children.

The NGOs who will implement this learning project will be selected following receipt of Expressions of Interest, and we welcome you as practitioners to participate in this process, if you consider this a useful and relevant learning topic in your work.

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