Latin America & The Caribbean

La Red de Aprendizaje RISE promueve y facilita el aprendizaje entorno a la reparación y (re)integración de los niños, niñas y adolescentes afectados por la explotación sexual.

Las actividades de aprendizaje que apoyamos se ejecutan en tres regiones principalesAmérica Latina y el Caribe, África Subsahariana y Asia del Sur y Central

Noticias y Eventos


  • Webinar on Resilience: from Research to Practice

    Building with Bamboo presented their shared learning panel, Resilience: from Research to Practice, on Wednesday 28 March 2018.  16 practitioners and researchers participated at the webinar, they had the opportunity to learn about the latest lessons and challenges experienced by Resilience Champions during the learning and innovation cycle 3, and also, to further discuss resilience in street-connected children. Please find here the webinar recording. Leer más

  • Webinar on Case Management (Recording)

    Case management provides a framework for the professional management of child protection projects. It is important that individuals implementing a case management system are well supported and understand it fully. Case management is an important resource in providing the highest quality service to vulnerable children in very challenging circumstances. Leer más

  • Webinar on Using the Integration Status Tool for M&E Reintegration

    Tim Joel is an economist with an M.A. in Demography. He has more than 7 years of progressive employment and consultancy experience working for international organizations. Mr. Joel’s methodological experience spans experimental survey designs, conventional qualitative content analysis, and statistical analysis. Leer más